Oh my gosh, a blog??

About me and why I do what I do…

How in the world did a Psychology student turn into a Wedding & Event Planner? Dude, I don’t have an super crazy story for it, but here it is.

I originally went to college majoring in biology, but soon realized that cells and stuff like that are less fun than I prefer, as much as I wanted to eventually be a marine biologist. I started much more comfortably as a Psychology major in my second semester. From there, I felt like I was home. I was passionate, creative, and constantly inspired by the mind and its wonders.

My goal at that point was to eventually establish a therapy practice that also rescued horses. The horses would provide animal therapy with their calming presence and the human clients would revitalize and go through therapy while caring for and loving on the horses. Needless to say, I didn’t exactly build out that business model.

After college, I moved up to the Twin Cities, MN, to work with teens with addictions and mental health needs, then took a position working with youth with autism. I realized after a few years that I missed working at camp and being outside during the summer like I had done through college, so I accepted a job at a youth nature organization that owned and ran a camp property. Now we back up for a second: the week before I started that position, I got married! I was very proud of the perfect day we (I) had planned and had so much fun making it come to life. It was incredible!! While at the nature org, I was not only the camp registrar and volunteer coordinator, I was the rental sales manager, which got me working with other people’s weddings. Oh boy, did I find my true joy: events & weddings!

I briefly worked as the event manager for a local brewery/winery before Covid-19 hit us all and I lost my job. During that summer of 2020 was when I established my Wedding & Event Planning Business, Laura McCauley Events, and the rest is…. happening now!

Why did I become a wedding & event planner?

I genuinely love it! I find that I am most invigorated when I’m researching and planning, creating visions, and producing incredible celebrations. On the day of, I’m energized, inspired, and driven to perfection. I work my butt off to make sure things go as planned or better and the more exhausted I am at the end of the night, the better. (Please don’t take that as a challenge though!)

Why am I starting a blog on my website?

Great question really. I haven’t been much of a public writer before, but I actually love the written word and especially producing it myself. I want to share my knowledge, ideas, creativity, tips, and anything else that might come in handy! Topics we might encounter together could include planning tips, beforehand and day-of problem solving, vision boards, ceremony topics, venue types and their pros/cons, décor ideas, revisiting real weddings, and more. If I can help a few couples with a tidbit of guidance or inspiration here and there, I’ll be happy as a clam!

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