Confetti Alternatives

The end-of-the-evening send-off is a fun way to wrap up the night’s celebrations and get one last awesome photo op. There are a lot of ways to make this moment exciting and fun, so let’s look at a few! Confetti So many options for colors, sizes, types… the options are just about endless! Before youContinue reading “Confetti Alternatives”

Wedding Favors – Yay or Nay??

It used to be common practice to give out wedding favors at every wedding. Is it still? This one, like just about everything else about your wedding, is up to you! I have a few thoughts on wedding guest favors for your consideration. Firstly, just like any wedding “tradition,” it’s not necessary if you don’tContinue reading “Wedding Favors – Yay or Nay??”

Staying Organized While Planning

There are so many moving parts in a wedding, but when it all comes together, it’s so worth it. Here are some ideas for staying organized and on track while planning. Can you think of anyone who has the ability to keep track of research, vendor contracts, venue policies, catering decisions, décor details, guest lists,Continue reading “Staying Organized While Planning”

Oh my gosh, a blog??

About me and why I do what I do… How in the world did a Psychology student turn into a Wedding & Event Planner? Dude, I don’t have an super crazy story for it, but here it is. I originally went to college majoring in biology, but soon realized that cells and stuff like thatContinue reading “Oh my gosh, a blog??”